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About was started in LaGrange, GA in late 1999 by two regular guys who know how hard it was to find large shoes. After months of research and begging for money, 2BigFeet was born!

During our years in business, we have shipped countless pairs of shoes to happy customers around the world and made friends on almost every continent! We credit our success to our business concept, which is the same today as when we began:

We work hard to find shoes that are made in large sizes, establish strong relationships with manufacturers, keep as much inventory in stock as possible, make our store available to everyone online, charge a fair price, and stand behind what we sell.

In September 2001, we moved to Albany, GA and opened our first retail store. It may seem backwards for a company to open online first and then move into traditional retail, but isn't exactly ordinary anyway! In 2006, we moved back into a warehouse and fulfillment center.

In January 2007, Brandon Eley and his wife, Tracy, bought out Brandon's business partner and relocated the business back to LaGrange. We discontinued the use of the fulfillment center that May. We re-opened the retail store in June and, over the next two years, added dozens of new brands and styles of shoes to our inventory. We quickly outgrew our small building!

In March 2009, we moved into a larger building that could house the retail store and provide enough warehouse space. With four times the space, we thought this building would last for years. We never made it to the end of the first year before our inventory had grown beyond what this building could even support.

In September 2011, we moved to our current location and are fortunate enough that our business keeps growing! We continue to work hard to bring you new brands and styles in shoes that fit!