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Customer Testimonials

People from all over have e-mailed and called to remark on the service they received from We don't want to toot our own horns, but if the shoe fits...

Just a note to let ya know that the shoes have arrived and I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks so much again. I will pass out those business cards to some friends of mine. Have a great day!
- Steve in Iowa

Got the Sandals and WOW there great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really appreciate all the GREAT help and your time, really means alot to find someone who cares about the people and not just the buck. So I say THANK YOU litterally from the Bottom of my 2 Big Feet
- Paul in Kansas

Just a quick note to say a huge thanks for your GREAT service. You wouldn't believe how long I've wanted a pair of Moc's for. Being a Bigfoot (in some peoples eyes at least!) here in the UK is not easy so you blokes have restored my faith in Humankind, provided me with shoes I actually chose to wear, at a fair price, quickly and most important of all at no point did you make any reference to canoe's, barges or the Titanic needing to be raised!!
- Matthew in the United Kingdom

I want to tell you how much I liked doing business with you the other day. The shoes were a perfect fit and much better than expected. I will be sure to tell everybody I know about your great company. Thanks again.
- Steven in North Carolina

Everything is great. I've been giving your cards to my big feet friends. I'll be making a second purchase soon.
- Kevin in Massachusetts

I recently placed an order at your store. I was very skeptical because I couldn't try the shoes on. Even when I go to local shoe stores and try the shoes on, they never fit right when I get them home. I decided to take the chance because of your 100% satisfaction guarantee. Also the fact that I am very busy and shoe shopping is the least of my concerns when I am off work. Well, let me just tell you that it really shows that your company knows what it is talking about. I received the order very promptly, and the moment I put the shoes on I knew I had made the right decision. Usually the moment I get home from work I take my shoes off because my feet hurt. Now I find myself falling asleep on the couch still in my shoes. As good as the shoes are, your customer service is better. I'm in retail sales and even co-manage an e-commerce site, and it is wonderful to see that there is someone else out there who cares about their customers after they have their money. I thank you for the wonderful service and the phone call. My feet thank you for the great pair of shoes. I will certainly be contacting you the next time I need a pair of shoes.
- Jeb in North Carolina

My recent purchase of shoes was just great, yes, I'm very happy with them. I admire your concerns, for customer satisfaction. It's nice to find a company that understands its growth is dependant upon the people they serve! Thank you for taking the time to inquire about my purchase. I will undoubtedly be making more purchases in the future.
- Denise in Florida

Everything fits well. Thanks again for the heads up on the shipping situation. I must say again that your service and shipping is excellent! I hope to order more from you in the future. Thanks.
- Ralph in Alberto, Canada

Just wanted to let you know that the shoes arrived on time and fit beautifully... The next time we need shoes we will contact 2bigfeet first!
- Deb in Colorado

Thank you for the note - the shoes are great! I will definitely be visiting your online store again. Thanks again.
- Brent in Virginia

The second pair of shoes fit my daughter perfectly and they are beautiful on top of that. I appreciate your follow-up.
- Jane in Ohio

I recently placed and received an order from you. I just wanted to say thanks! I am hesitant to place orders over the internet but this was fast and efficient do to the way you operate. I am a disabled Vietnam vet and have difficulty in finding reasonably priced, comfortable fitting shoes due to my medical condition. The boots I ordered from you are good quality and very comfortable....thank you again!!
- Bob in Minnesota

Do you have retail stores other than Internet? I would love to see a 2BigFeet shoe store in town. Would you consider opening one in the Seattle area? I just love the strappy red shoes I recently got. Can't wait for a party to wear them. Thanks so very much for the hard work you do to make large size women's shoes available. I feel better than "a kid again". These cute shoes weren't available when I was a teen. Keep up the good work!
- Darlene in Washington

I am writing you to thank you for your wonderful service. In the last month I have ordered two pairs of shoes from you and they I have received them with great speed. The first pair of shoes I orderd from you I had ordered them on a Friday. I had also ordered them next day air. A gentleman from your company phoned me to let me know he could not send them next day air on Friday because UPS did not ship on Saturday. So he sent them out on Monday, I received them on Tuesday and he did not charge me for the naxt day air. I thought that was great. He aslo called me a few days later to ensure that I had received them and to make sure I liked the shoes. That kind of service will keep me as a customer for years to come. Thank you for catering to big feet guys like myself and taking care of you customers.
- James

Thanks for calling me personally. One of your somewhat competition (Eastbay) just sold some shoes I had in my shopping cart right out from under me while I was still on their site and they argued with me about it. Keep up the good service.
- Bret in Tennessee

As with the first pair...they're perfect!! Thanks for your quick shipping!
- Michael in Georgia

Thank you! The next time I'm in the States, I'm going to order some more, as the postage will be much less. I was really impressed by both product and service.
- Sophie in the United Kingdom

If you are not the boss of the company, please show this to him and tell him how very pleased I was with the help you were able to give to me!! My son's employers were not pleased when they heard he would not have his work boots for this morning, when he was due to start - when they heard the size he takes, and what it took to find them on this continent, they calmed down, started to laugh, and said next week, when they arrive from your company, will be just fine! I am most grateful for your help, your good humour, and your determination to make sure I had everything I needed before I hung up. Your website is now bookmarked, and we'll be back!
- Kristine in Ontario, Canada

My order arrived yesterday, only a couple of days after I placed it. This is the second pair of P. Bunyan shoes I've gotten from you (first dress shoes, now loafers) - so thanks AGAIN! Well made, reasonably priced, right size, quick delivery = perfect! As you know, it's very difficult to find shoes above size 18, even on the Web, so your company is a great resource! I'll be back!
- John in NC

Just wanted you guys to know that i placed an order with your company and was extremely happy. i have a size 17 foot and it is very difficult to find shoes at reasonable prices but i did. I ordered a pair of Georiga boots and will forever order my shoes from this company.
- Chad

Thanks for the e-mail. I appreciate everyone there keeping me up to date on the availability of the item I ordered. The boots arrived today just like the shipping notification said they would. I am very pleased with the service I received. Thanks again.
- Ben in Wisconsin

I am enjoying the correct fit of these shoes. Thanks for tracking them down for me. Will be ordering from you again.
- Peter in Ohio

Thank you for the personal e-mail... I used to shop until I found your site. I like your selection and how well priced some of your sale items are. Thanks again.
- Justin in Kansas

I am so happy with my new shoes. I think this is the first time in my life I have had shoe fit so comfortably. Thanks for the wonderful service. I will be sending for the "mules" as soon as they come in stock. Thanks for being there for us women with "2BigFeet".
- Pat in Wisconsin

Thank you so much for checking on the order. I did receive it, and the shoes are beautiful. So far, I am very pleased. You know, at 6 feet tall, it is often difficult to find the perfect fit, but I am very happy with both pairs, and I am looking forward to receiving the others in January. I'm sure the mailman smiled when he saw the name of your company on the box. You know Neil, it takes a very secure woman to have shoes from a company named "2 Big Feet" delivered to her front door. Maybe you should consider wrapping the ladies shoes in some paper marked "Tiny Tootsies" - or something like that??? Just a thought. (smile) I wish you wonderful, blessed and Happy Holidays!
- Camille in Georgia

I would like to thank 2Bigfeet for providing me with quality shoes, at a reasonable price. Finally I can shop without some clerk making a rude remark about the size shoe that I wear. I do have one request. OK maybe three large size shoes for us active people (cowboy boots, snowboard or ski boots and lastly skates) Hey can't blame a guy for trying! Oh yes to answer your question, the shoes and boots that I ordered were GREAT!!!!!!!! Not to mention the service!!!!!! Thanks again.
- Kevin in California

Thank you for saving me the extra cost on my order... Again, thanks so much and I will be ordering again soon. Thanks!
- Jaime in West Virginia

Just wanted to let you know that my son loves his brushed nubuck Dunhams. He wears a size 18 and stylish shoes are hard to find in that size. This is the 2nd pair we have gotten from you and they have lasted longer than any other shoe he has had. Thanks again for carrying shoes for the hard to fit foot! We will continue to shop with you for many years to come!
- Val in South Dakota

I appreciate your follow-up letter concerning my purchase of your product. It's refreshing to know that there are people out there just as concerned with customer, or in my case guest satisfaction, as myself... WE WILL DEFINITELY DO BUSINESS AGAIN...Once again, thank you!
- Keith in Georgia

I have received my Stability Walkers and it is great. I have to get used to it first for it is the first time I had to wear a pair of shoes that has a lot of room. It is great for my feet for they don't feel all squashed up in there anymore.
- Mata in Australia

As per my phone call, thank you very much. I loved the shoes!! You picked out two excellent pairs of shoes - one dress and one casual. They were both reasonably priced and comfortable! Ill be sure to recommend you to any of my friends with big feet that need shoes. Thank you very much.
- Mitch in New Jersey

The boots arrived on Friday, and my boyfriend is thrilled with them. So much so, that he is now surfing your website, and I'm afraid of what he might order!! Its such a thrill for him to be able to select a pair of shoes/boots without having to see what size they come in first...Thanks again, from a very satisfied customer.
- Jenni in Ireland

This is great, thanks again for being so accommodating... I look forward to doing business with, it is nice to know that you can get customer service over the internet.
- Meaghan in Canada

Great shoes, Great service. Thanks!
- Randy in New Jersey

Hi Neil, got them yesterday and they are great! Fast service and just what I ordered in a hard to find size. You can be sure I will be doing business with you again soon. Thanks for a great product at a great price. Customer for Life,
- Robert in California

I just wanted to call and compliment your company on the great service I received when I ordered shoes... I really appreciated the fact that you called to make sure I got the shoes I wanted and was satisfied with them. The customer service you provided will bring me back as a repeat customer...
- Colin in Washington

Thanks for the note. Shoes are fine. This is the first pair of shoes that fit me in over thirty years. Thank you.
- Mark in Illinois

I just want to thank you so much for the shoe's we received yesterday. I have a 13-year-old daughter with a size 15 shoe. We have basically given up on finding her women's shoes. Shoe shopping for her has been a traumatic and disappointing experience. This is the first pair of women's shoe she has owned in 2 years. When she opened the box and tried on her new shoes she danced and then cried she was so happy. The service we received was second to none. You have won a customer for life. Again many thanks.
- Robbin in Virginia

I just have to tell you how happy I am to have found your website! I've got 2 boys aged 13 & 14 with sizes 15 & 16 feet. As I'm sure you know, it's next to impossible to find certain kinds of footwear in large sizes- i.e., dress shoes, boots, etc. I don't know if you'd ever consider expanding your lines but I have had NO luck finding such "specialty" items as ski boots, snowboarding boots, fins/booties for snorkeling, etc. Anyway, thanks again & I'm sure we'll be back.
- Cindy in Alberta, Canada

Wow.....I did get the second pair and wondered what was going on. I've enjoyed shopping with you guys, albeit the order of my 3rd pair went a little screwy. I can't complain though and look forward to doing more business with you. You have what I need at affordable prices.
- Ralph in New York

Your email is very timely. The shoes that I had ordered for my son are one size too large, so I will exchange them for a smaller size. I wasn't sure how to proceed, and your email gave me the answer. Your customer service is exemplary. Thank You!
- Barbara in Minnesota

I just made an order... I was thrilled that I received two fine pairs of shoes just three days after placing my order. You do a great job with your company- the selection is so much better than any regular store could offer.
- Paul

I love [the shoes] and it was a pleasure doing business with your company and i will continue to purchase my shoes from
- Jay in Tennessee

I've Finally Found A Place to Buy Shoes! The shoes look great. I will be ordering more in the near future!
- Gary in Illionois

The shoes are great!!! I am so glad I found your store online. Big shoes are so hard to find. I fully intend to hand out those business cards to relatives and friends. Thank you so much!!!
- Lacey in Iowa

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service and very fast shipment... It's good to know there's a place I can trust that will have a good selection with everything in my size.
- Tom in California

You don't know how much I appreciate your punctual delivery and good prices, plus the selection of size 17 shoes for my son!! You have a committed customer, here, and I tell anyone with a similar challenge about your site!!!
- Kristine in Ontario, Canada

Fantastic service! I ordered the boots at 5.00 p.m. UK time on Monday and received them less than 48 hours later. My son, who has major problems in finding fashionable boots in his size in the UK. NO-ONE does size 14 - is absolutely delighted. We will certainly use you again.
- Carol in the United Kingdom

Hard to please a15-year-old boy with size18 feet were it not for you... All the guys on the basketball team are searching for non-dork shoes. Thanks for existing. PLEASE stay in business!!!!!
- Betsy in Illinois

I like the shoes so much, that I ordered 3 more pairs this morning. It was wonderful doing business with you. The shoes are comfortable. Regards
- Nicola in the British Virgin Islands

They are just Great! They fit very good, and he says they feel good. Thanks for asking.
- Mary in Tennessee

Actually only a week since I received the Dunham Steel Toe shoes in 14 EEEE. Yes I like them. I like them so much I ordered another pair. This is one heck of a deal. I may buy the other two pairs... I work in a sterile injectable pharmaceutical factory. I need two pairs of steel toe shoes. One pair is for everyday occupational activities, the other pair is dedicated for use in the sterile environment. I can't wear them anywhere else. Let me state that it is wonderful to find a shoe store ANYWHERE online or locally which has my size. I am grateful and thankful to you for this service. I will recommend your services to anyone who needs odd or huge shoes. My everlasting thanks - keep up the good work.
- James in New Mexico

It was so easy to order my boots from your web site. Your service was wonderful and the shipping was just as good. I can't believe how quick I received my order and the fit was also perfect. Thank you for being available to me! I have already recommended your site to others I work with.
- Robert in Texas

Nice shoes at a nice price. Excellent service on my first order, as well. I've been looking for size 16 shoes for 12 years, and never had it so good. You've got a lifetime customer in me.
- Shawn in California

Thanks for the e-mail. I like the shoes and will certainly buy from you again.
- Gary in Virginia

Thank goodness for 2BigFeet. We have looked everywhere for rubber boots to fit one of our employees who wears a size 18. Not many people carry that size, and everywhere we turned we got the same response, "Sorry we only carry up to size 15 or 16. Then we found you guys online and you even had them in stock. Thanks again for such a great and timely service.
- Brittany in Kentucky

My son is very happy with his shoes, thanks! It's so hard to find his size in a shoe that he will wear. He's only 15 years old, but a 14 EEE. I'm glad he'll be buying his own shoes eventually!! If we could only get him to try out for the Dallas Cowboys..... the rest of him is as big as his feet. We'll be back again in the near future. Thanks so much for offering big shoes in comfortable styles. May God bless your business!
- Charlene in Connecticut

I'll save you the trouble of calling or e-mailing me. I LOVE MY NEW SHOES!!! They arrived in great shape (no dented box or anything) and they feel wonderful on my feet! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I have already told a couple of people about your website and I will continue to shop with you guys when I'm looking for shoes. I love the shoes, I love the price and LOVE the service. Keep up the great work... I'm definately a SATISFIED customer. Thanks again.
- Ronalyn in Kansas

I personally would like to thank you for being so prompt with the problem you encountered. I have no problem at all with waiting a few extra days! Thank you much!!!
- Paul in Florida

I want to thank you again for all of your help in getting these [shoes], and for your expert advice on sizing; my son was very relieved to see they had been delivered by the time he got home from school that day, and that they fit beautifully! ... We normally have to travel 60 - 100 miles to find a store that carries those sizes, and even so, we have not found one store within a 200 mile radius that carries a dress shoe larger than a size 15. Until we found your company, there were many times when he simply had to make do with athletic shoes when 'dressing up', or not go at all... Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts.
- Dianne in California

We are extremely happy with the new shoes and the purchasing experience. We will be on the site again soon looking for other shoes. Thanks.
- Jane in Connecticut

Since discovering your store online this summer I must tell you that I have never been disappointed with your shoes and have told every person I know with large feet about your products. Never in my lifetime have I had such comfortable shoes in both dress casual and professional sandals. As I enter the professional ranks of society I am comforted by the knowledge that when I need a comfortable pair of shoes on my feet, at a reasonable price, will be there. Thank you for supplying the market for gentlemen and ladies who have had and now, no longer will have, trouble finding an everyday item in their life. Thank you once again.
- Troy in Louisianna

If you are referring to the "Boxer Dogs" 14 4E- they are nice. The laces are somewhat skimpy. I had to buy longer laces to be able to get my sausage fingers to tie them. Lots of room in the toe box - snug around the heel and ankle - which is what I need. Polished 'em up right nice too. Didn't take a high shine but are shiny enough. Thanks for asking. Will recommend to everyone I know who has big feet - including wimmin.
- James in New Mexico

Thank you for your interest. I purchased the shoes for a local Iraqi that works for me and is unable to find shoes his size in Iraq. I hope to receive them in the next few days as the mail is quite slow in this area. When I receive the shoes, I will let you know how he enjoys them. Thanks again for your assistance! The shoes arrived and my employee really likes them. They fit extremely well and he is very appreciative. Thank you.
- Jon in Iraq

Thanks for the follow-up email. These shoes just arrived yesterday. My husband likes them very much, but they are a little snug. I am packaging them up and sending back to exchange for a 2E size in hopes those will give him some more room and work well for him. It is so great to find some larger shoes for him. He has foot problems now because when he was young they did not make affordable shoes to fit size him and he wore shoes way too small. He does have a great pair of old red basketball shoes made for a Chicago Bull. These hardly would fit in at work though! Thank You,
- Lisa in North Dakota

The shoes are great. I will be doing business with you in the future for sure, and I will not hesitate to pass on your business cards when the opportunity arises.
- Paul in Quebec, Canada

WOW!...My shoes were on my doorsetep when I came home from work today. I am very pleased with handling of the entire process. The signed thank you note with the business cards was a pleasant and personal touch. I will definitely look to your company for my future purchases. Oh, by the way, the shoes fit wonderfully! I love them.
- Linda in Michigan

Received my shoe shipment last week; have been wearing them since receipt to see if I liked them before I responded. I love them!! It's so nice to have shoes that actually FIT. It's marvelous. Thanks again for the great service!!
- Paul in California

Last week, someone called from 2BigFeet to make sure I was satisfied with my purchase. I truly appreciate this extra effort, and I assure you we are very pleased with both the shoes and the experience of purchasing them. I'm sure we will be ordering from your company again... Thank you for the outstanding products and service your company offers.
- Catherine in North Carolina

I am very pleased with my new shoes and will be doing business again with
- Gordon in Maryland

Dear Neil and Brandon - Thanks so much for the prompt shipment & excellent service - the sandals that I got my dad for Christmas were put on that morning and were still on when I left that night - He loved them!!! - Your website has been bookmarked and the business cards that were included in the shipment were passed on. Thanks again for the speedy service on such short notice.
- Cheryl

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that I received my order today! The quality of the shoe is great, but the quality of the service I received at will definitely make me (and my family) a return customer. Thank you so much for the personalized service you provided me! I hope you and your family have a very happy holiday season.
- Elizabeth in Florida

Everything is going well with the shoes and I'm really impressed with the attention the customer gets - it seems like we're not "just another order," but actually cared about. Thanks again!
- Craig in Ohio

Thank you for the wonderful service that we have received... We are getting married in October and I thought that it would be impossible to find a nice pair of 17W dress shoes for my fiance. They were well priced, they were here in five days, and the service was excellent. Thank you again.
- Traci in Washington

I appreciated your email and want to let you know I was very pleased with the whole transaction from start to finish. The shoes arrived in 2 days, even before my debit card was charged. They fit great. My sons have huge feet inherited from their ex-NFL player dad, and current NFL player uncle. Previously, I had only been ordering from Oddball Shoe - until I found your site. I will now have a wider variety when I need to buy shoes in the future.
- Cynthia in Texas

Thanks for the email. I really like the shoes (which I received yesterday). It is great to find your site on the Internet. As you have heard before, it is nearly impossible to find shoes to fit folks like me with size 14+ feet. I will be sure to shop your site again soon.
- Alvin in West Virginia

I would like to thank you for the quality service and great attitude in dealing with me.
- David in Georgia

I wanted to give you all a BIG thank you for your quick delivery of my shoes and to thank you for this website. After my pregnancy I went from an 11 to a size 12 and the only place I shoe store I could find with this size was Payless Shoes and the shoes were never comfortable. I finally decided to go online and see if someone out there caters to my population! I am so thrilled! I know I will be ordering more in the future, but I wanted to say thank you so much!!!
- Staci in Florida

When you wear a size 15, shopping for shoes is the world's biggest hassle. I was a little hesitant to order shoes through the Internet, but I had great service, the fit was great, and it was actually (gasp!) fun to buy shoes. I will definitely order from you again.
- Steve in Missouri

I would like to especially thank you for your very quick response to my order. With size 15 it becomes very frustrating when I need shoes because no one carries them. Now that I found this web site I will first look on the Internet before shopping at any store. It was faster than if I ordered from a store, which I had to do in the past... I would love to do all of my shoe shopping this way...
- Michael in Pennsylvania

Thank you for your customer service and the shoes that were sent as a gift. And I will be ordering from you again.
- Daniel in Virginia

Thanks for the email. I am enjoying my shoes, I'm glad that I found your site. Also, I'm happy someone can finally sell shoes at a good price instead of marking them up just because they are a bigger size. Thanks for taking time to write and I hope to do business with you guys in the future!
- Travis in Kansas

Love em, love em, love em! I really appreciate the e-mail messages when you get new shoes in my size, in stock. It feels great to have such pretty strappy shoes to wear. Thanks for seeking out the big sizes.
- Darlene in Washington

The shoes are a gift, so won't know till Christmas if they fit, etc. Thanks for your prompt service and for follow-up... Thanks a million!
- Alma in Florida

The fact that you were willing to help me do business with your competition says a lot about you. People that truly understand customer service like you do are very rare, especially on the Web...
- Jane in New York

The shoes were a gift to my boyfriend who liked them. His comment was it was nice to actually have shoes that fit. Evidently, in the past he would buy shoes at least one size too small because that was the biggest size he could find. Thanks, and I will be back.
- Terri in Ohio

I cant thank you enough for your patience and your kindlyness handling my order. Its no secret that a couple of problems occured deliverig the order to me. But after its all over and my shoes have arrived im nothing but pleased with all of it, both the shoes and you. I wont hesitate to order from you in the future, when the shoes are worn out.
- Thomas in Denmark

2BigFeet-Thanks. I received one of the pairs today. Will probably get the 2nd pair tomorrow. Can't tell you enough how happy I am that I came across your website. My 13-year-old son was at the end of his store shoe sizes and I don't know how to make shoes. He is 6'3" in 7th grade and weighs 270. With a size 16 shoe we thought his feet would quit growing---WRONG. The doc says he hasn't even hit his growth spurt yet. Looking forward to getting football cleats, baseball and basketball shoes for the next few years.
- Teresa in Alabama

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You made my day! The shoes I have purchased today are what I have been dreaming of! Please! Keep making size 15s!
- Patricia in Michigan

My order arrived today. Thank you very much for great service and excellent product. I love these shoes - they're comfy AND nice-looking, and the price was fair too. Your size chart was really helpful it turns out. Thanks again. Keep up the great work!
- Lucy in Pennsylvania

Thank you... we will be ordering all our boots from your company. The service is outstanding and trying to accommodate us has truly impressed me and my family. Thank you again.
- Bridget in NJ

Thank you for adjusting the total for me. My husband just loves these shoes and the quality of your product. I love your customer service! We will be ordering from you again!
- Cindy in IL

If you've had a positive experience with's service, let us know! We love to get e-mails from satisfied customers!