Birkenstock Arizona Taupe

SKU/Item#: bir_5146-TAU47

  • The classic Birkenstock Arizona is a suede two-strap style sandal featuring fully adjustable straps and cushioning, shock-absorbing EVA sole. The magical cork footbed conforms to the shape of your feet over time while providing arch support, a heel cup, and a roomy toe box.

    Birkenstock sizing is European so to determine your US size you would add 33. (size US 14 + 33 = 47)

    Available in:
    Taupe Suede Leather
    M (D) - 47 (US 14), 48 (US 15), 49 (US 16), 50 (US 17)

    • Suede leather upper - thick and supple leathers without additional dyes to keep the leather breathable, durable and comfortable
    • The original Birkenstock footbed - featuring pronounced arch support, deep heel cup and roomy toe box
    • Footbed molds and shapes to your foot
    • EVA sole - flexible, lightweight, durable, shock absorbing
    • US size + 33 = Birkenstock size (for example, if you wear a men's US 17 then 17+33=50 so you wear a Birkenstock size 50)
    • Made in Germany

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