Treds 17 Inch Overboot

SKU/Item#: tre_17853-blkxl

  • The Treds 17" overboot is a lightweight waterproof rubber overboot that easily pulls over your shoes or work boots. Wear a slush boot when slopping around in concrete that is guaranteed not to "blow out" on the job! Users say TREDS last 6-8 times longer than cheap imports.

    TREDS secret: using a proprietary process, more art than science, pure sap from the rubber tree is blended with special chemical agents and seamlessly molded in their Cincinnati, Ohio manufacturing plant. The result: TREDS, the world's most durable, comfortable and economical overboots available.

    The XL should fit a shoe size 14-16 and measures between 13 3/4" & 14 1/2". The XXL should fit shoe sizes 17-19 and measures between 14 1/2 & 15 1/2". (sizes and measurements provided by the manufacturer)

    Available in:
    XL - 14-16
    XXL - 17-19

    • Made of latex natural rubber
    • Unilast Design - No right/no left
    • Patchable with vulcanizing rubber patch or super glue
    • 4000 lbs tensile strength
    • 210 lbs/inch trouser tear strength
    • 800% elongation
    • One size XL weighs 1 lb 11 oz
    • Made in US

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