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  • May 14, 2020 3 min read

    Over the past several weeks, we have heard from customers, friends, and family that protective masks were extremely difficult to find. We were able to acquire KN95 protective masks from one of our suppliers and are offering them to our customers at close to cost while supplies last.

    We have donated hundreds of KN95 masks to local law enforcement and government agencies. Earlier this week, 2BigFeet owner Brandon Eley presented the LaGrange Police Department, Troup County Sherriff's Office, and Troup County Government with cases of KN95 masks to protect officers and employees who have close interactions with customers on a daily basis.

    2BigFeet donated several hundred masks this week and has placed additional orders with our supplier so we can resupply our local agencies in the next few weeks (while our supplies last).

    Mask Basics

    There are essentially three types of masks... and they offer very different levels of protection.

    Cloth masks (including homemade masks, bandanas, etc) work best when everyone wears them. They limit the spread of germs out of the wearer's nose and mouth when speaking, sneezing, or coughing, but do not filter airborne particles coming in. So if someone coughs in the air and you walk through those airborne particles wearing a cloth mask, you still stand a pretty good chance of getting infected. Cloth masks are still a good option when you are practicing social distancing and not coming into close proximity of other people, since most airborne particles fall to the ground within minutes.

    Surgical masks (often blue or green) are medical masks that offer similar filtration of particles leaving the wearer's mouth and nose, but do not fit tightly and still do not do much prevent you from getting infected, but do help keep you from spreading germs to others. These are often worn by surgeons to prevent them from introducing germs into open wounds of patients. Surgical masks offer similar effectiveness to cloth masks. They work well when the wearer is practicing good social distancing, but would not offer much protection if you come in close contact with others on a regular basis.

    KN95 and N95 masks are better-fitting masks with multiple layers of filtration and an adjustable nose piece, and protect the wearer of the maskby filtering out up to 95% of harmful particles larger than 0.3 microns including many bacteria and viruses. These protective masks offer the best protection outside of wearing a full respirator. If you come in close contact with multiple people as part of your job, KN95 masks can help protect you from getting infected.

    The CDC has an infographic describing the difference between surgical and N95 masks.

    Because of their better filtration and protection against viruses, KN95 masks have been extremely hard to acquire recently. We were able to locate a supply of certified masks through one of our suppliers, and have received one shipment already (with a back up already ordered). We are selling masks in 2-packs and cases of 20 while supplies last.

    Difference between N95 and KN95

    KN95 masks and N95 masks offer the same level of filtration and protection, and both masks filter at least 95% of airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns in size. KN95 masks have different fit test requirements and do not have the same breathability requirements as N95 masks, but both types of masks offer the same level of filtration.

    Our KN95 masks are not "sterile" and are not approved for use in the medical field. They are often used in other industries like construction, public safety, and manufacturing. They have been through the same rigorous testing and certification process for particle filtration, but are not made in facilities that are approved to manufacture sterile products for hospitals and other medical facilities.

    Order KN95 Masks

    You can order a 2-Pack for $11.95 or a case of 20 for $99.95 on our website while supplies last. 2BigFeet will be donating masks to local law enforcement and government agencies with every purchase of masks from our supplier. There is currently no "maximum" set but we reserve the right to cancel or reduce extremely large orders. We want to give all our 2BigFeet customers the opportunity to purchase the masks they need during this unprecedented time. Your mask purchase allows us the opportunity to donate more masks to first responders. Thank you.